Jahazi Literary & Jazz Festival


Jahazi Festival 2016 is proud to bring the following world class artists to grace our festival.


Ida Neilson


Ever since 2010 when he invited her to Minnesota for a jam, Ida Nielsen was holding down the low end for the legendary artist PRINCE (until his very sad and untimely passing in april 2016).
The funk was happening at the jam and shortly after she joined his band “the New Power Generation” and went on a almost two year long world tour including numerous tv shows as well as huge concerts.

In 2013 the power house 4 piece rockband “3rdeyegirl” was thrown in the mix and a lot of incredibly memorable concerts + recordings was happening.




Fathy Salama


Fathy Salama is a Grammy Award-winning Egyptian musician, who usually appears with his ensemble Sharkiat. Salama grew up listening to the radio, which played artists who placed a deep influence upon him. He is now world renowned and has worked with many musicians, including Youssou N’dour.








Christine Kamau


Christine Kamau is a Kenyan instrumentalist who plays the trumpet and the saxophone. She has performed at various local music festivals and has appeared in the BBC series African Beats which features emerging African musicians.    A promising talent that deserves the stage with the greats.                                                              








Morten Schantz

Morten Schantz

Morten Schantz, style of jazz is beautifully structured. It has depth and is epic in its nature and story telling ability. Using music Morten Schantz brings you along with him to far away lands. He magically eases you ever so gently to listen and follow him on a wonderful musical journey. A master story teller!







Carl Winter

Copyright 2015, Peter Bennett

Copyright 2015, Peter Bennett

Carl Winter, is a powerful and intense jazz pianist. Hi style is complex but versatile resulting in great peaces work. He has worked with the greats! recording and touring with Jerry Bergonzi, who himself toured with the one and only Miles Davis.









Mzee Haji Gora Haji and Saïd el-Gheity

Judy Aldrick

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